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Organic Launch Blueprint

Our 4 part formula for sold-out launches (even with a small audience!)

Do you ever feel like your audience is just too small for you to really make the impact (and income) you want to make with your business?

I’m here to tell you that you do NOT need to have a big audience to have a successful launch. The reason I can tell you that with full confidence is that it’s MY story...the Powerhouse Women story.

Because I had a smaller audience, I knew I had to think differently. I knew that a small audience could actually be my secret to success if I was willing to see it that way. So that’s what I did.

To this day, we consistently outsell the size of our current audience by following the same formula and I’m breaking it ALL down for you in the this course 🚀 giving you the exact 4 part formula we use to create sold-out launches (yes, even with a small audience!) 


You’ll learn:

  • How to find and attract people who are perfect for your product or service
  • How to communicate with them in a way that connects, and has them say “omg I need that produce/service in my life!”
  • How much content to share (and how much is TOO much) when you’re launching
  • How to craft and present an offer that’s irresistible to your ideal customer
  • How to create urgency and lovingly encourage more of the right people to buy
  • And so much more!

Just imagine how it would feel to head into your next launch with a solid plan, and with the belief that you can create amazing results no matter the size of your current audience. I can’t wait to see YOUR results and support you along the way!

💕 Lindsey + The Powerhouse Women Team