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Business is changing.

What worked to generate sales and attract new customers in the past doesn't work as well today.

You already know that costly ads and the unpredictable algorithm have changed drastically. If building community isn’t an intentional part of your growth strategy, you’re leaving money on the table.

Cultivating an engaged community is the best insurance policy for the future of your business, no matter what you plan to monetize.

Which is why we're pulling back the curtain in 2023 and teaching exactly how we’ve grown one of the most engaged (and profitable) communities for ambitious women in the first ever Community Builders MASTERMIND.

There is an important difference between building an audience and a community.


You already know you need to build an audience in order to grow your business.

But where an audience-building strategy focuses on the question: how do I get more people to connect with ME and my brand?

...a COMMUNITY-building strategy goes a level deeper by asking: how do I get more people to connect with EACH OTHER?

The result?

  • you create an undeniable buzz and magnetic energy around your brand that attracts more of your dream clients
  • you convert more sales without having to sell harder, because the community becomes an organic referral marketing system
  • you increase customer retention and brand loyalty by cultivating a deep sense of belonging
  • you add additional value (which you can often charge a premium for!) that doesn't rely on more effort from YOU.


Hands down, one of the most valuable brand assets you can build is an engaged community, no matter what products & services you want to monetize.


"But I HATE Facebook groups and so does my audience!" 


We get it. And while Facebook groups are one of the more obvious places to cultivate community, let's clarify what we actually mean when we talk about building community as a business growth strategy:


Community is NOT defined by the CONTAINER,
it's defined by the CONNECTION.


No matter what platforms you build community in—a Facebook group, events, your social media channels, an email or text list, a podcast—it's the connection that drives results in your business.

When true community is present, you can feel it. There is an undeniable buzz and magnetic energy around your brand. Your launches have a sense of ease and excitement that comes from knowing you created the exact offers that your community is excited to buy (and share with their friends!)

An engaged and profitable community isn't built overnightit takes time, consistency AND strategy.

Over the past 5 years we've developed a proven formula for cultivating deep and lasting connection that will not only help you outsell the size of your audience (especially if your audience is smaller starting out) but set your business up to thrive regardless of the current economic climate.

the profitable community formula

in order to transform an isolated group of individual followers & customers into a connected community of CHAMPIONS for your brand you must have these 3 things clearly defined:


The intangible magic that attracts & retains your ideal client and creates a deep feeling of belonging.


Meaningful and intentional opportunities to connect with the brand and other community members


The right mix of offers to help community members evolve into the person they aspire to be


imagine where your community and your business will be one year from now, and the momentum you'll create by spending the first 3 months of 2023 learning + implementing this exact formula

The Community Builders Mastermind is for you if...

  • You’re already showing up as a powerful leader in your business but you know that there’s another level for you to unlock. You’re meant to be leading, speaking, and facilitating in a bigger way.

  • You want to create a powerful source of organic leads for an existing business (or a new brand you plan to launch).

  • You want to monetize a physical product, digital products like courses or memberships, a coaching program, a podcast, events or retreats...and you want to do it with a community-based approach.

  • You want to create more engagement and a deeper relationship with your current community so you know exactly what products and services to offer them next.

  • You’re craving a clear roadmap for how to scale and monetize your community in a bigger way over the next 12-18 months. You’re ready to RUN.

Community Builders
Mastermind Retreat

February 20-23, 2023 || Phoenix, AZ

Powerhouse Women events and retreats are famous for creating a space for deep transformation and connection, helping you to break through subconscious blocks and show up as the next-level leader your business and community require in order to scale.

In this immersive 4-day experience you'll not only be working hands-on to create your unique community-building and business strategy, you'll watch and learn as we demonstrate exactly what we're teaching by creating community together right in the room and practicing the application of it together! 

You'll leave the mastermind retreat with...


with a roadmap for scaling your community, your business, and your impact in 2023. Including: 

  • how to curate the right mix of offers and a clear customer journey within your business model
  • what’s working NOW to create community growth and organic leads for your offers 

to create demand for your offers and engage your community in helping you spread the word. 

to create engagement and real connection, and help you powerfully facilitate groups of any size while also honoring your own energetic boundaries.

with a few other women for additional support, collaboration, and accountability throughout the program.

so you can unapologetically step into the next level of leadership, influence, and impact that you know you're meant for!

Meet your mentor, Lindsey Schwartz

Most people know me as a best-selling author, podcast host, master community builder and the founder of Powerhouse Women.

I see myself more as the empowering friend who pours life into your big dreams and sees you as your highest self, always!

I've observed that one of the biggest reasons people don’t start building community is because they don’t feel like an "expert" yet.

But before you buy into the belief that there’s something unique or special about ME that the Profitable Community Framework wouldn’t work for you...let me share a little secret with you.

I didn't wait until I was already an expert to start gathering women together and building the Powerhouse Women community. I gained credibility and influence BY building community—starting with 5-10 women at a monthly lunch meetup, which eventually grew into a community of thousands around the globe.

We now have a top podcast, a thriving community-based business, and sold-out events & programs that have generated over a million dollars in sales in the past 2 years. 

Most people want to know HOW I did it and what actions I took—but they rarely ask WHO I had to become in the process (and that's where my real "secret" to success lies).

I'm excited to share LOTS of actionable strategies with you in the mastermind, but I'm even more excited to share the tools that have transformed me into the powerhouse woman I am today because something tells me that if you're reading this, you already know there's another level of leadership, influence, and impact for you to unlock.

And I can't wait to unlock it together! If I can do it, so can you.

What's included with the mastermind?

one installment


$1,000 early bird savings!


  • 4 day in-person retreat in Phoenix, AZ (February 20-23, 2023)
  • monthly Q&A implementation calls
  • small group mastermind with women at a similar stage of business, for additional support & collaboration
  • 3 months of access to an online portal full of curated content and business resources

PLUS these additional bonuses:

  • BONUS #1: PROFITABLE EVENTS PLAYBOOK including our sold-out events launch strategy, plus event budgets, SOPs, and checklists for planning and executing events, retreats, or experiences of any size
  • BONUS #2: VISIBILITY ACCELERATOR  2 hour virtual workshop to help you gain more exposure and get booked for podcasts, media, and speaking opportunities, including pitch templates + a curated list of podcasts you can pitch to be a guest!


 (OR click HERE to split your tuition into 2 installments of $3,200)