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12 week business mentorship giving you a step-by-step plan to launch or scale your business to the first $100,000 (and beyond!)

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Hi, I'm Lindsey!
Powerhouse Women founder
+ biz mentor for purpose-driven women like you

I know you're ready for MORE.

I know what that feels like, because just a few years ago Powerhouse Women was the tiny seed of an idea (much like the big ideas currently on YOUR heart). 

I want to share everything I've learned about growing that idea of mine into a thriving community, sold-out annual event, top podcast, and multiple six-figure business because I firmly believe that we're NOT meant to do business (or life) alone.

There are no secrets or shortcuts to success, but there is power in having a roadmap to follow and a badass community supporting you along the way. If your palms are a little sweaty just thinking about going ALL IN on your big ideas, you're definitely in the right place and I can't wait to meet you!

a peek


Who do you serve?

When you have a deep understanding of who you want to serve, you are never confused about what to create or how to share it in a way that resonates with them. In this module you'll learn how to keep your finger on the pulse of what your audience wants, and the MOST important thing to know about your dream customer.


What problem do you solve?

How can you use your unique skills and talents to meet the needs of your dream client? In this module you'll learn how to clarify + simplify your offer(s), avoid the mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make, and test what your audience wants to buy before spending a ton of time & energy creating it.


Copy that connects

How do you talk about your product or service in a way that has your ideal clients say, "omg, it's like you read my mind!" and positions your brand to meet their needs?

In this module you'll learn the three components of writing copy (aka any form of communication in your business) in a way that connects with the person you want to serve.


Your profit plan

Businesses exist to solve problems for a profit...and to maximize profit, you’ll need a plan. In this module you’ll learn some simple strategies for how to reverse engineer your revenue goals even if you’re not a “numbers person” and how to decide where to price your products and services for maximum profitability and impact.


Marketing + building awareness

In order for your business to grow, you’ll need to help your ideal audience find out that you exist, which is what marketing is all about! In this module you’ll learn how to build awareness for your business, gain exposure beyond just friends and family, and create a constant flow of new people who you could potentially serve.

How to plan a successful + profitable launch

How do you create excitement about your offers and drive sales? Through a well planned launch! Whether you want to increase interest for an existing offer or announce a new one, to execute a successful launch you'll need to have a solid plan!


How to execute a successful + profitable launch

A launch is essentially a targeted strategy to create new excitement about your offers. In this module you'll learn how to create urgency and encourage the right people to buy during your launch, and also how to cultivate raving, return customers!


Having a step-by-step plan is great, but implementing it is what will ultimately make the impact you know you're meant to make. In this module you'll apply what you've learned up to this point, and plan your first (or next) launch! Don't worry...we'll have your back every step of the way.


Audience growth: Email List

When it comes to building an audience of people who you could serve, there are two types: audiences that you own, and audiences that you rent. In this module you’ll learn the difference between the two, and how to build one of the most popular audiences that you actually own (aka one that isn’t subject to changing algorithms): your email list! Whether you have already started building a list or are starting at the beginning, you’ll learn how to effectively grow and nurture an email list that will be excited to hear from you.

Audience growth: Social Media

In this module you'll learn how to decide which social platforms are the best place to invest your time and energy, how to grow an engaged audience, and turn those followers into paying customers.


Scaling + Outsourcing

If your business is going to truly scale, it will require you to bring others into your vision. You're not meant to have all of the skills needed to bring your big vision to life! In this module you'll learn how to scale in a way that doesn't break the bank, and how to decide where to invest in your brand as it grows.


Celebrate your wins + set new goals!

This Isn't the's just the beginning of a lifelong journey of growth + impact! Let's face it, when you have a BIG idea it's easy to get so focused on where you're going NEXT that you forget to celebrate how far you've already come. In this module we're going to celebrate the progress you've made thus far, and set new goals that will keep your business moving forward!

client stories

Joining Six Figure School changed my world! With Lindsey’s guidance and wisdom along with getting to know other women and develop those relationships, I was able to help get my vision on track to relaunch my boutique! Community is EVERYTHING and I haven’t found a better one!!


Shanae K. Phoenix, AZ
I joined Six Figure School because I was looking for guidance on how to launch and scale my brand new business.
I was a little scared to spend the money not having ever paid for mentorships before but now it is something that I will be investing in for the rest of my life. The return on investment was tenfold!


Kelly K Phoenix, AZ
In the last 12 weeks, I launched my product, signed up affiliates, built an email list and moved forward with taking my business full time. This program was just what I needed to jump-start my enthusiasm for my business paired with the tactics to get it done!
Sara M. Phoenix, AZ
 The women in this community offered thoughtful feedback to help me strengthen my big idea, cheered me on, and challenged me to keep going. I wasn't convinced this type of connection and support could be created in a virtual space...but I was so wrong! Accepting help from others is not easy for me, but Six Figure School showed me how positive and transformative it can be, especially when you have strong women in your corner.
Addy W. Spokane, WA

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